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Doublers & Liners

Doublers (inserts) are a nice addition to your cloth diaper collection.  You can add a doubler or two as needed to any cloth diaper to add extra absorbency and help contain leaks.  Purchasing a few doublers or inserts is an inexpensive, easy way to make all of your cloth diapers more absorbent and to keep your baby drier and happier.  

We carry inserts made from a variety of fabrics, and the function of each type of fabric varies, but each type is very effective and made from organic, natural materials that are ideal to be in close contact with your baby's skin. You can place the insert either directly next to your baby's skin or between the cloth diaper and the cover.  

The organic cotton liners are a great choice for everyday use.  They are incredibly soft and very absorbent. The brushed organic cotton liners are similar to the organic cotton liners, but they consist of one square shaped flat that can be folded into thirds with extra folds placed in areas that need more absorbency.  The wool liners are great because they have all of wool's wonderful properties: breathable, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking. Silk liners are not intended for everyday use, but rather for times when your baby is suffering from redness or mild rash.  Silk has natural healing properties, so these liners can be used in place of creams and ointments.